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Adams Funeral Home
307 Main Avenue Drive - PO Box 937
Taylorsville, NC 28681
Toll Free: 1-866-632-2291

Arrangements can be made with us in person, over the telephone or online, we are here to assist families at the most difficult time, the loss of their loved one.
Adams Funeral Home is dedicated to providing a comfortable home-like atmosphere for friends and family and provide:
  • An Arrangement Room with Snack Area
  • A comfortable Visitation Area
  • A spacious Church-like Chapel

Our staff is readily available to ensure the comfort of all those visiting our facility.

Adams Funeral Home is pleased to provide a variety of community support programs such as the Annual Memorial Service. We also sponsor, "Pathways", an After Care program that provides a warm fellowhip of caring and sharing for families and friends of deceased loved ones. We invite you to contact us for more information.

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