My accident happened on a dusky Tuesday night.

Before I left the house, I asked my husband if I could take my little girl with me--she was 3 at the time. For some reason, he said no.

I believe it was the Lord watching after her. We had no idea that later, as I would approach traffic, I would miss the stoplight. I didn't see the vehicle coming my way, and after the crash, I remember nothing else.

I don't remember EMS or the helicopter airlifting me to the nearest hospital for admittance to a neurotrauma unit.

As it happened, my pastor and family were travelling down the same road and starting praying, even though they didn’t know it was a member of their church in the accident. Isn’t God faithful?

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My name is L.S. Hensley. I had a website created so that I could tell everyone I can what my God and Savior Jesus Christ has done for me. Not only has He saved me from my own near death car accident, but He has answered my and others' prayers in miraculous ways.

My hope is that over time I will be able to add testimonies to my website from others, as well as find sponsors for my website to make this possible.

L.S. Hensley

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