My Story
It was a cold winter day in January when we left the grave of my father. I remember saying these words, "If God could ever use the story of his life, I'd share it wherever God wanted it told." Ten years later I was invited to visit our local prison unit. I shared my Dad's story and was amazed how God chose to use it for His glory. I saw inmates weep and identify with the words I spoke. I saw the Holy Spirit of God begin to soften those hardened hearts. When our local unit closed, I prayed, "Lord help me to find my place in your work." Immediately God opened doors for me to share my testimony in prisons, churches and children's homes.

My Prayer
Dear Lord,
Use the story of my father to reach those who think they have done too much to obtain God's forgiveness. Increase the faith of those who listen and create a deeper burden for their lost loved ones. Amen.

My Purpose
To reach the unsaved and unlovable with the forgiveness and love of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. I want to be available and used of God to reach the lost and forgotten. God doesn't need great men and women. He needs men and women who will show His greatness. Luke 19:40
Daughter Scottie Barnes (little girl) would soon begin a lifetime of visiting and praying for her drug-dealing dad, "Babe" Pennell, in and out of jails and prison.

Our Ministry
The Forgiven Ministry Team travels to Correctional Centers, organizations and churches in surrounding areas on a regular basis to share their stories of how God has changed their lives.

Recently, the team of Forgiven Ministry went to the Youth Detention Facility in Taylorsville, NC. We fill our vehicle with fresh popped popcorn, warm cookies and plenty of soft drinks. We always carry a box of bibles for the new residents. The youth know that we love them and desire the best for their life. During this visit, we showed the movie, “Something to Sing About”. I watched as a young girl wept during the movie when the actor mentioned his mother and sang,“His Eye is on the Sparrow”. Darren Pinnix shared about his 17-year drug addiction and how God gloriously delivered him and set him free. The youth heard a living testimony from a young man who understood them. We had six youths pray to receive Christ. All Praise and Honor to be given to the Father.

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Pictured above are the only personal items that Scottie has of her Father's. A deck of cards, wooden toy, pen and money pouch which had 15 cents in it. She uses these treasured items to tell her Father's story.
When Scottie tells this story in prisons, inmates shake their heads in recognition and begin to cry; not one of them, as a child, had set out to spend their lives in prison.


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