This is how we plan to do it!

Studio3 will offer professional, affordable music lessons to children in our classrooms, teaching voice in the Studio3 Children's Chorus, and group instruction in a variety of instruments, especially strings and piano, from top notch, experienced children's teachers.

We find the group format to be the motivating and fun. Students will study the reading and composition of music and rhythms, and always be working towards frequent performances in our auditorium and in other Studio3 events.

We know that the study of music has been proven to profit children academically, as they learn persistence and focus; the same skills needed to suceed in life. Working towards creating our own Studio3 orchestra and chorus, we also know that creating music with others and giving it out as a gift is a very soul satisfying and rewarding experience. Bringing our children together with great music, seasoned musicians, mentors, and guest artists will be inspiring for the audience, but life changing for the young musicians. Consider this for your children and grandchildren.

Watch for exciting and fresh Studio3 sponsored events throughout the year in Alexander County. You may see us at local festivals and community events, or come and participate yourself in our free and open to the public music workshops, lunchtime concerts, or stellar guest artist performances in our auditorium.


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Linda Hagen, School Administrator
PO Box 383
Taylorsville, NC 28681-0383

Kathy Estes, Music Director
PO Box 383
Taylorsville, NC 28681-0383



Proudly introducing
Studio 3 Music in Taylorsville!

Our new home base is the Mission Campus Building at 54 East Main Avenue, (formerly the Methodist Church) in downtown Taylorsville. The combination of classrooms and a performance auditorium under one roof is the ideal facility, for which we are most grateful.

Play Skillfully and Sing with Joy!
Psalm 33:3

Would you consider making this music with us by donating to our school? Any questions about our operations, funding, teachers, lessons, or events are welcome. Donations may be sent to the address above. Put an instrument in a child's hands and change a life!



As a nonprofit corporation, events, performances, and operating expenses such as rent, insurance, etc. will be funded by private donations and grants.

Your civic group, church, or family may want to sponsor an event, or contribute towards instruments, musical and office equipment, or ongoing operating expenses.

While students will pay a fee for their group lesson, we also feel that no child should be denied this experience due to financial lack.





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